Tips to Buy Perfect Bridal and Wedding Jewellery Online

So you have chosen a cake, lined up the caterer, wedding photographer, the wedding dress, flowers and a wedding hairstyle, but what about your bridal jewellery? It is easy to overlook jewellery on your wedding day, but it is the most essential thing that compliments the whole look. So it is important that you plan and invest well before your big day. You can buy it either online or in brick and mortar jewellery stores near you. However, if you do not want to spend hours at a jewellery store looking at the limited stock available, then buying online is a great option.

For some buying jewellery online is intimidating, but do not worry, we are here to help you. Here are few tips for buying perfect bridal and wedding jewellery online.

  • Compliments with your wedding dress

You are the centrepiece on your wedding day and everything should be perfect from your dress to your jewellery and makeup. So when buying jewellery, ensure that it compliments well with your wedding gown. If you have a modern dress, try choosing jewellery pieces with a modern edge and a simple dress may mean that you can have fun with your jewellery and consider a striking necklace and smaller earrings. Match the type of sparkle in your gown with the sparkle in the jewellery. However, remember that don’t overdo it. If the dress is elaborate, keep the jewellery simple and just go for an earring and bracelet set. For more looks, check this out.

  • Match the metals

Certain metals match well with certain wedding dress colours. Pure white dresses pair well with white gold or platinum, ivory colour dresses matches well with yellow gold, blush gowns coordinate with rose gold, champagne gowns look amazing with yellow gold or antique burnished white gold and rhinestones and a diamond white dress will compliment well with any of the above or pink diamond jewellery. So, when choosing the jewellery, remember that you match the metal with the colour of your dress.

  • Look for the credentials

Once you have chosen what kind of wedding jewellery you want to buy, the next step is to look for a reputable online jeweller. The easiest and quickest way to find that out is to check the online reviews of the jeweller or online forums and dealership websites. Gaining knowledge about what the past customers think and what their experiences had been with the jeweller is a good way to know about the company and the services they offer. Reputation matters a lot for online stores, so they will also provide you with the past client testimonials. You should also be able to find a certificate from the gemological school giving a clear insight that the jeweller is a trusted one. If you find all the above, then go ahead in jewellery buying process.

  • Return and exchange policy

There is always a chance that you may love diamond and gold jewellery designs online but when you see them, they just don’t seem to be according to your like. Moreover, these might be some issues, so it is better to be safe and secure by knowing the return and exchange policy of the online jeweller. Also, some top jewellery brands offer lifetime exchange, which gives you the opportunity to exchange your jewellery at any time in the future.

The above-mentioned are few of the tips that will help you buy the perfect bridal and wedding jewellery online.